any other business

/ˌeni ʌðə 'bɪznɪs/ noun
an item at the end of an agenda, where any matter can be raised.
Abbr AOB

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  • any other business — UK US noun [U] (ABBREVIATION AOB) MEETINGS ► subjects that need to be discussed at a meeting after all the subjects on the agenda (= official list prepared before the meeting) have been discussed: »It s nearly time for lunch, so let s move to any …   Financial and business terms

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  • any other business — any other ˈbusiness idiom the things that are discussed at the end of an official meeting that do not appear on the ↑agenda • I think we ve finished item four. Now is there any other business? see also ↑AOB Main entry: ↑businessidiom …   Useful english dictionary

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